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Great Illustrated Classics (HC)
You've seen these at Costco and now you can order them online right here. Although abridged for them to be at 4th-7th grade level, these are sturdy library hardcovers with lots of illustrations. The pages are a little thin, but its a great introduction to many of the famous classics. I started out reading abridged books when I was younger and then discovered the complete versions all over again when I grew up.
Harpercollins Charming Classics
These deluxe hardcover books are absolutely gorgeous and if that isn't enough, how about a special charm on a gold chain? Each piece of jewelry is made of gold-tone and represents a special memory from the book; like in "The Secret Garden," the charm is a golden key. With beautiful illustrations and no abridgement, these are true keepsake classics.
Harpercollins Charming Classics
Just like their hardcover counterparts, these illustrated, unabridged books also come with a theme charm on a gold-tone chain. Both sets of books are included in the Accelerated Reader List and also the Scholastic Reading Counts List.

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