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Harpercollins Books of Wonder
These colorfully illustrated (even on the cover) unabridged hardcover classics are truly beautiful inside and out.Also on the Accelerated Reader List.
Illustrated Junior Library
This is my favorite set of children's classic books because they look so--classic.Now I know you can't judge a book by its cover, but I know what's inside of these and its just as good as the outside.Each book has four or five color illustrations, the rest are black and white, and these versions are slightly abridged.But the stories are classicsand sure to be enjoyed.
Puffin Children's Classics
Same publisher, different format.Also these are not illustrated, but they are unabridged.So, if you want to get a large library of complete classics, but can't pay the price for hardcover, here you go.Great to read to find out if you want to purchase the story later in a more expensive version.

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