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Alan Alexander Milne was born in London and was a 1903 graduate of Cambridge University. Three years later he was Assistant Editor of "Punch," an English illustrated comic weekly founded in 1841. That name, of course, is derived from the famous "Punch & Judy" plays, so common on the street corners of London.

Dorothy de Selincourt, herself a writer, married Milne in 1913 and it is their son, Christopher Robin, who figures so prominently in the four original "Pooh" books. Many condensed and colorized versions have been introduced since then, but thankfully, the original hardcover, illustrated versions are still available for three of the titles.

After serving in the British army during WWII, Milne came back home to write. They settled in an old farmhouse in Sussex and he added grown-up plays and detective stories to the "Pooh" collection. Ernest H. Shephard's wonderful illustrations were actually modeled after Christopher Robin's real-life toys. However, in later years this same little boy resented everyone's perception of him as a storybook character only.

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