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Anne Bronte (1820-1849)

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One year after the baby of the Bronte family was born in Yorkshire, England, their mother, Maria Branwell Bronte died of cancer. Her two eldest sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, died when Anne was very young. She was raised by her two literary sisters, Charlotte and Emily, and an aunt.

The three girls, along with their brother, Branwell, had a quiet childhood and were left pretty much to themselves. Their creative genius came out in poems and pretend kingdoms. When the girls were grown, they all published romance novels under pen names. Anne's pseudonym was Acton Bell. It is amazing that so many well-known works came from a single family.

After the death of Branwell and Emily, Anne protracted a long illness and died while convalescing at the seaside resort of Scarborough. Find out about this remarkable family at and

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