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It's hard to believe that the creator of "Peter Rabbit" actually pioneered a scientific theory (she discovered that lichens result from the union of algae and fungi). But if you look closely at her art, you will see that her plant drawings are botanically correct. In truth, Ms. Potter was an exceptional naturalist before she was a very excellent artist. She had no formal art training, she simply painted what she saw and knew from her own growing-up years.

As a child, her summers were spent in the country. Her family was wealthy and often rented large houses and even a castle in Scotland. She had a secret collection of pets who found their way into her books; two rabbits named Benjamin and Peter, and a hedgehog named Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" had its beginnings as an illustrated letter to young Noel Moore, the 5-year-old son of her former governess. Can you imagine what that simple letter would be worth today, if it still survives?

As an adult, she married her solicitor, William Heelis and was active with land conservation, local antiques and breeding Herdwick sheep. Besides her legacy of 23 small books that made a huge impression on our world, she left fifteen farms and over 4000 acres to the National Trust of England. In 1897, her paper on spores was read at the Linnaean Society.

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