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I'm always excited when I read about Mrs. Cleary because she was born near my own state. She also worked as a librarian in the town where I was born. I sure wish I had gone to the library when she was there. This daughter of a schoolteacher was born Beverly Atlee Bunn in McMinnville, OR and lived on their farm, Yamhill, nearby. Her mother even organized the first library in the town, although her daughter didn't enjoy reading until later.

A late reader, she discovered the written word all on her own one rainy day and hasn't stopped since. She read every childhood book she could find and felt bad that there were none written from a child's common everyday persepective. And so Ramona Quimby and her ordinary family were born.

She attended the University of California and then library school at the University of Washington in my own home state. Then she worked at that library that I never made it to, married and had twins. After selling books for awhile, she began writing one of her own, "Henry Huggins."

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