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Theodore Suess Geisel grew up in a zoo. His father was the curator of public parks in Springfield, Massachusettes and these also included a small zoo. Imagine what fun this little boy had spending time every day at the zoo. Well, we don't have to imagine, just pick up one of his books. How did he ever come up with such interesting adaptations? That was his gift. That and those incredible rhymes.

After the zoo, he went to Dartmouth College, editing the school humor magazine. At Oxford he gained a Ph.D. in English Literature and illustrated cartoons for "Vanity Fair," "The Saturday Evening Post," and "Judge." The idea for his first book came to him while traveling on an ocean liner; he wrote a poem to the rhythm of the engines. You know it by the name, "And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street." That was the first of 44 children's books written by this doctor of literature.

Over 200 million copies of his books sold since 1937 and have been translated into twenty languages, even Braille. As president of Random House Publishers, he introduced my favorite, "Green Eggs and Ham," a book comprised of only fifty words. These and others became the well-known series of "Beginner Books." He also won a Pulitzer Prize for Literature and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for lifetime work.

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