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Wuthering Heights was one of my favorite romantic novels growing up. Heathcliffe's obsessive love for the fragile Cathy was almost scary, but he was willing to sacrifice his all for her. This is the only novel Emily ever published and it is considered a classic of English literature.

Her forte was poetry and her family finally convinced her to publish her works under the pen name "Ellis Bell." She and her sisters and brother created for themselves the imaginary lands of Angria, Gondal and Gaaldine. Alone much of the time after their mother died, they spent hours in the nursery writing plays and acting out fantasies.

Life at Thornton in Yorkshire was hard in the early 1800's. Children were rarely educated away from home and then they were sent to unhealthy boarding schools. Many children did not survive. Emily and her family were all weakened by this and died young. Before she contracted tuberculosis, Emily was a governess at Miss Patchett's Ladies Academy at Law Hill Hall, near Halifax. She also attended a private school in Brussels with her sister Charlotte.

Their curate father survived alone and I wonder what he would think if he knew how famous three of his five daughters became? Several books, now out-of-print, that would be interesting to read about her childhood are The Brontes' Web of Childhood and Gondal's Queen. Go to and for more fascinating information.

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