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George Alfred Henty was born near Cambridge and was often a sickly child. Spending many hours in bed was a great inducement to read and that he did. After Westminster School in London he continued his eduacation at Cambridge University and was an avid sportsman. When the Crimean War began, he left school and volunteered at the Army Hospital. His letters home were so informative that a newspaper offered to print them.

His marriage to Elizabeth Finucane produced four children and shortly after her death he became a Special Coorespondent covering wars in Austria, Italy, Abyssinia, France, Prussia, Ashanti and Spain. He also witnessed the opening of the Suez Canal and traveled to Palestine, Russia and even toured India with the Prince of Wales. These amazing real-life adventures made great backgrounds for his 122 works of historical fiction. Many of his stories started as after-dinner tales to his own children. Henty became known as the "Prince of Storytellers" or "The Boy's Own Historian."

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