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When Hans Augusto created a little monkey named Curious George, the world fell in love. In England he was known as Zozo and in France, Fifi. But no matter where he is, this little guy is always trying new things and finding out about consequences.

Mr. Rey spent two years in the German army during WWI and then studied languages, philosophy, and natural sciences at university in Munich and Hamburg. While there he had work as a lithographer and illustrator. Moving to Brazil in the 1920's, he met his wife, Margret. She helped write his books and also wrote and illustrated some of her own ("Pretzel," "Spotty" and "Whiteblack the Penguin Sees the World").

Then they moved to Paris and he designed and published the first flap books for children. As the Nazis got closer to their home there, they escaped to Lisbon on bicycles. Then on to Rio de Janeiro and New York in the 1940's. They also lived in Cambridge, Massachusettes and had a summer home in New Hampshire.

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