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Janice Meredith Wilson was born on a farm in Lenoir, North Carolina and penned her very first novel when she was only 10 years old. She also won a short-story contest at her school the same year. For many years she worked in advertising and was very successful, but in the back of her mind she always wanted to write. After retiring, she moved to the small town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina and tried to start a novel. She began publishing weekly installments about Father Tim in her town's local paper, The Blowing Rocket, and the rest is history. Her original Mitford series has expanded to include the books that Father Tim's wife wrote about Violet the cat (my personal favorites), several other children's books, and Christmas books, as well as a Mitford Cookbook. A brand new series about Father Tim's childhood is coming out in 2007. What would life be like without Father Tim and all of his friends? Visit Jan Karon online at Enjoy.

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