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Long considered the "Founding Father of Science Fiction," many of Verne's books are eerily prophetic and he was obviously a scientist ahead of his time. His humble beginnings as an attorney's son in Nantes, France were filled with happy hours in a harbour city and summers in the country. But those navigating ships started Verne to thinking about adventure at an early age and while he attended boarding school at Saint Donatien College. He went to Paris to study for the bar and began writing operettas, but when he tried writing some travel stories for a magazine, he found his true calling. His wife, Honorine de Viane Morel encouraged his writing efforts and when he found an obliging publisher, his career was born. He entered politics and served on the town council at Amiens for fifteen years. In 1870 he was appointed as "Chevalier" (or Knight) of the Legion d'honneur. He died at age 77 due to complications from diabetes. Go to to find out about all of his books (in print and out-of-print) and all of the plots.

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