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This little girl, born in Pepin, Wisconsin, really lived the experiences told about in her delightful childhood readers. The illustrations by Garth Williams make the third editions a real treasure.

I wish every one of our early pioneers had chronicled their experiences as she did--even if they only got it on cassette tape for someone else to compile. Because once they''re gone the stories are gone.

It wasn''t until age 56, that Mrs.Wilder began her work with "Little House in the Big Woods." Her only daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, was editor and promoter during the twelve year process of creating all of the books. I don''t want to tell you a lot about her life story because it is covered so perfectly in her own words in her own books. Her books have been printed in many languages and have sold over 40 million copies. They are especially popular in Japan.

A special book award was created by the American Library Association to honor her in 1954 and the "Laura Ingalls Wilder Award" has been given to 14 other distinguised authors since then.

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