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Believe it or not, Ms. Leppard wrote "Mandie and the Secret Tunnel" (book number one in the series) when she was only eleven years old! But she did not submit the manuscript to Bethany House Publishers until she was all grown up. They quickly agreed to publish it and asked for sequels because of the valuable Christian lessons the story supplied for young people.

As a child, Lois loved to sing with her sisters, Sibyl and Louise. She studied at the New York School of Music and the Voice Beautiful Institute under the tutelage of Glenn Morris Starkie. Later the girls sang professionally as the Larke Sisters and even performed at Carnegie Hall.

She attended Furman University, the University of Maryland Extension in Libya, North Africa and was a Federal Service employee in lots of countries around the world. I knew she had to have traveled some in order to base her "Mandie" books in various countries. I think someone should make her books into movies, as the talented Ms. Leppard is also a playwright and actress. She could play the part of Grandma Taft!

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