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Remember how Jo wrote those horrifying stories for thriller magazines in "Little Women"? Well, Miss Alcott herself actually did that in her youth to help support her own family. Her father, Bronson, was a teacher/philosopher with no substantial income. The girls had to do most of the housework and hire out as seamstresses, tutors, etc, just like the girls in the book. In fact, "Little Women" was based in part on her own family life.

With great speed, she finished a request for this book about girls in only two and a half months. Her publisher suggested she sign on for royalties instead of the usual flat fee. Fortunately for her, the book was a huge success and she became very wealthy. But during the Civil War she served as a nurse in an army hospital and was exposed to mercury poisoning from some of the medicines used. This ailment was with her for the rest of her life.

I''m so glad she was able to continue the story of the March family in several sequels and even wrote some grown-up books--20 titles in all. These, however, didn''t sell as well as her original endeavor. She is one of my favorite authors and my daughter and I collect her out-of-print titles. Two of this family''s contemporaries and friends were Ralph Waldo Emerson (link) and Henry David Thoreau (link). Unbelievably, she never received any book awards for her work.

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