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Born in Brooklyn, New York, her family soon moved to suburban Beechurst on Long Island. With an older brother and a younger sister, this dreamy storyteller was caught in the middle of an intellectually strong family. She felt left out and less than noteworthy and yet, look who is the household name today.

Prep school and then Hollins College followed before she enrolled in a teacher-training program in New York's Bureau of Educational Experiments--better known as "Bank Street." Their founder, Lucy Sprague Mitchell, encouraged Margaret to pursue her writing for young readers and the "Bank Street Readers" were born.

This led to the publishing firm of William R. Scott where Ms. Brown was the editor. So, when she submitted her first endeavor, "The Noisy Book" in 1939, she okayed her own book for publication. She continued to produce now-classic children's picture books ("Goodnight Moon" and "The Runaway Bunny") and later wrote for older children as well. Then fables and fairy tales followed that--more than 100 books in all.

Andrew Lang's "Rainbow Fairy" collection and the rhymes of Olde Mother Goose were her favorite books growing up. Her productive life was cut short by an embolism following surgery.

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