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Margery Williams Bianco was born in London, but the family moved to America when she was nine. Settling first in New York City they later moved to a farm in Pennsylvania. At the age of 23 she married an Italian man, Francesco Bianco, and they lived in Paris and Italy.

Seventeen years later she was back in New York City and wrote her first book in 1922; "The Velveteen Rabbit." This timeless classic about a worn-out bunny that becomes real was my daughter's favorite childhood book. Five other titles now out of print are: "The Little Wooden Doll" (1925), "All About Pets" (1929), "Winterbound" (1936), "Bright Morning" (1942), and "Forward, Commandoes!" (1944). I've never even seen any of these at used bookstores, so if you find one, keep it. In all, she wrote twenty books for children.

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