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Believe it or not, Miss Breithaupt didn't have any pets when she was growing up, but after her marriage to S.C. Henry, she had lots of them. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she sold her first story to a magazine at the tender age of eight. After that she started a job mending books at her local library and went on to attend the Milwaukee State Teachers College. Later she sold several articles to the "Saturday Evening Post" and wrote some information books for children.

But it was her biographical book about a special breed of horse, the Morgan, that really started her writing career. Then there was the one about real life horses that live on the island of Chincoteague. I would love to go there some day and see those horses. Her book about Brighty made me long to go down into the Grand Canyon myself as a young child. If you love horses (I don't and I still love her stories about them), you'll love these books.

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