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Around 1897, in Mankato, Minnesota, a little girl named Maud met two other little girls named Bick and Midge. They became fast friends and shared everything together for their whole life. When Maud grew up she told her little daughter, Merian all about these three friends. Then the stories became books and Maud and her real-life chums became the famous trio, Betsy, Tacy and Tib.

Maud Hart graduated from Mankato High School in 1910 and went on to attend the University of Minnesota. Then she traveled to Europe (just like Betsy in book number nine) and married Delos W. Lovelace in 1917. He was also a writer and together they co-authored a book, "Gentlemen From England." Unfortunately out-of-print, this book was about a real-life British colony near Mankato.

None of the well-known book awards ever came to Ms. Lovelace, but her proud state created the "Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award" in her honor. Although her first books were printed over 60 years ago, they are being re-discovered today and there are several national and local Betsy-Tacy societies celebrating her work.

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