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Virginia Lee Burton (1909-1968)

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With a father as first dean at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology and a mother as a famous poet and painter (Jeanne D'Orge) it's no wonder that this Massachusettes native singlehandedly created all seven of her classic books--text and illustrations.

After the family moved to California, young Virginia set her sights on a dancing career. Then, in her late teens, they moved to Boston and providentially, she began studying drawing with George Demetrius. She married this well-known sculptor at age 22 and began teaching art theory in their home in Folly Cove near Gloucester.

For over 30 years the "Folly Cove Designers" guild was internationally famous for hand-block-printed textiles. She created her books while her boys were growing up and then went back to designing textiles and wrote a book about that too, "Design and How!" Her children's books are so endearing in design because she was a perfectionist and revised each edition many many times.

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