Ten years ago,
I was looking at homeschool catalogs
with my two children
(Laurie, now 25, and Delano 23)
and commented that I wished someone
would put out a catalog with
all of the famous authors and all of their books.
A few seconds later I exclaimed,
"Hey, I can do that!"
And that was the beginning -
a small, mail order catalog.
Next we added curriculum
and attended regional bookfairs.
After that, a consulting business
in my home.
Of course, my customers
wanted to look at the curriculum
I was talking about,
so we set-up a large shelf in the dining room.
Then we set-up a large shelf in the living room
and needed still more space.
Suddenly, the kids were grown
and a friend suggested we open a retail store.
We live in a tiny farming community,
so that store was an hour away.
After two years of driving back and forth,
we decided to close the store
(although I thoroghly enjoyed
running it with my daughter),
bring me home again,
and create a web page on the internet.
And here we are.
We are very excited to share
our expanded library with you - enjoy!

God Bless You,
Jack, Tami, Laurie and Delano Whitmore

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